Plus B Music Productions offers a sound design production that is specialised for moving images music. We offer music and sound for moving images of all kinds, be it commercials, television programs, movies, web use etc. Currently, we carry out sound design and music for video contents for markets that are not limited to Japan but that include the entirety of the Asian continent. For the future, we aim to include the European and American market in our vision. At Plus B Music Productions, we believe there is no border to the power of music.

Music production
We offer sound design and music production for commercials, TV, web, theatre stage, movies and more.

Music composition & creation
We create original music in close cooperation with the video production process, from instrumental works to fully orchestrated compositions, from the first lyrics to the finished arrangement.

We offer voice recording for pre-production purposes , casting of narrators and artists, professional music recordings, coordinating MA (Master Audio), and we are to join your production beginning with preliminary mixing. Please also contact us for collaborations and cooperations with worldwide studios and musicians.

We can find the best fitting foreign and domestic musicians, artists and narrators for your project.